Wifi unlocker and password finder

Wifi Unlocker is an innovative tool so that without any problems odbezpieczysz your wifi network . Wifi unlocker can in a few minutes to get to your chosen wifi network . Think how many times have you forgotten your access to the wifi network through which irrevocably have lost access to it. Then the only way that seemed like he was right reset this network . However, with the resetting the settings , the rest to you network configuration completely from scratch, which is already not the most pleasant of tasks . Wifi unlocker completely solves these problems . The latest version of this amazing tool equipped in the best currently available algorithms for recovering passwords that can break them in time of not more like five minutes. Do not you also need to have any knowledge of the network wifi, wifi unlocker because the app extremely easy to use . Just start it , turn on the scanner wifi network , and then select the network to which you want to recover your password. The rest will take care of itself already an app that within a few minutes recover your password . Wifi unlocker uses different encryption algorithms , so its performance is even more effective. Over the app runs a large number of people , so often there are new updates that make the application more stable . Below you can familiarize yourself with the application , and a description of how to use it .

Wifi unlocker is an application with which you will have no any problems . After the first application was tested on a variety of computers , was also scanned the different antivirus programs to make sure that really works and does not have any hidden viruses.

wifi unlocker

How to use wifi unlocker ?

  • is a simple , first download the application to your computer
  • unzip the downloaded archive , eg by using winrar
  • run the application , just run takes just a few seconds
  • wifi unlocker has built-in wifi scanner
  • Use a scanner to find all available networks
  • when the program will have all the networks, click on this you want to get the password
  • click on the get passowrd
  • the program will start the process of recovering a forgotten password , this process it should not take more than a few minutes